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New Resident Services provides a free, easy to use, smart phone and tablet checklist app

  • Apple iOS or Android platforms
  • All-purpose move checklist tasks prelisted
  • Appends for adding personal tasks
  • Notes section
  • Self-reminder notifications feature
  • Box label printing feature
  • Syncs with your other smart devices

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About Us

New Resident Services provides you with a free, easy to use, smart phone and tablet checklist app, for local or domestic moves. We offer operating systems that work with both Apple iOS and Android platforms: Simply select the Apple or Android link above to download the free moving checklist app from Google Play or the Apple App store.

Mymovinglist has detailed, all-purpose moving tasks and also allows you to add tasks for your own personalized needs. With this moving checklist you have the ability to send self-notification reminders, email yourself a reminder list, print labels for your boxes (5168 Avery Labels), and sync your other smart devices.

Mymovinglist checklist application is intended for individuals first planning a move or in the process of packing up now. Our MyMovingList app is set for use in the continental USA but can also be used in other English speaking countries. Resource links are provided including access to the Post office change of address website and You'll find links to moving box & supply purchase, storage facilities, hiring movers, truck or container rentals, along with contact information for utilities, state and local governments.

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Frequently asked questions:

MyMovingList is more than a checklist. It is a means to make accessible everything you need to orchestrate, implement, and bring closure to the difficult process of moving. The app provides various features to accomplish this such as pre-established tasks in the moving checklist, the flexibility of adding your own personal tasks and notes, and sending yourself reminders. We provide links to the post office and government for easy access to needed move information and resources. Our box label feature is designed to systematize the unloading placement of boxes and prioritize the urgency in which boxes need to be emptied. Some links and coupons are available for likely products and services before, during, and after the move process. Informational articles and helpful videos are provided for each mover’s benefit. MyMovingList will make your move easy to endure and even fun!

The moving checklist is designed in a way that many of the things a mover will need to do are set up and in place on the app. Of course, this also means that something that is listed may not apply. Simply check off tasks that do not apply so they do not distract, and then upon completion of what does apply, checkmark the task. The MyMovingList also has a feature where you can add personal tasks that apply to your family. The tasks may be typed or can be spoken and recorded. They can also be set within the time frame that you believe is best to accomplish each specific task. In addition, there is a section for any notes that you may wish to add. Notes should not in themselves be a task but information you would like to access during the specified checklist time period.

The box label feature is designed so that you can easily move your boxes and unpack things in a systemized order. Box labels are set to be printed on 8186 Avery label sheets. The labels are formatted by room in groups of four. Room names can be personalized (by using letters only). Packing boxes should be labeled for each room. Each box can be labeled by priority for transporting and unpacking purposes. The high-priority boxes should be opened first, those of low or no priority opened last, etc. You also have the ability to list items on the labels that you have in each box for easy reference. Boxes can also be marked Fragile if breakables are inside the box to give extra care when being carried, transported and unpacked during the moving process. When unloading and placing boxes in their appropriate rooms, we recommend placing boxes with the same priority labels together as a group. This way they are easy to find to quickly and orderly empty their contents. For instance the High-Priority label are for items you will need access to immediately after the move; Medium-Priority items include things that you will need within seven days; Priority option "None" is for boxes that can be unpacked at your leisure or just stored away. We want you to be able to get to what you need quickly and easily.

Note: Labels can be reset on the label creation page. There is a circular rotation button in the upper right that if selected will reset everything on the label except for the room name. You can discard labels simply by selecting the label you want to discard and clicking the trash can button on the upper right of each label.

Syncing is about teamwork! The idea behind syncing is to allow the family to participate as a group in the planning, packing, and moving process by taking on separate tasks. When one task is accomplished, each device is quickly updated within the group. To sync, each user must use the same MyMovingList account.

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