Moving to a new house is an exciting experience, and a great time to make a new start. However, it can also be a very stressful time. While there are professionals to assist, most people prefer packing by themselves, and then getting help on moving day from a professional moving company who can do all the heavy lifting.
Everyone will have advice for you on how to pack for a move. The internet is full of tips and there are even entire books dedicated to this very subject. But the best advice can be gained from those who have just moved and have come out of it totally unscathed.

Here are some packing tips that can help you keep on top of your move and make it a relatively, stress-free process.

Make an early start

Packing for a move is not like going on vacation, and it is absolutely not something you should leave until the last moment. The sooner you start to pack, the less of a rush and the more organized you will be. Leaving things until the last minute simply risks throwing your possessions into a box and hoping for the best. Unfortunately, this way of doing things can cause your belongings to arrive damaged or broken.


Decluttering is a job we all think about doing every once in a while. Well, there is no better time than when you move to a new house. After all, why pay to transport items you don’t really want anymore? As you pack each room get rid of things that are damaged, don’t fit or you haven’t used for at least a year. Pack those items you plan to keep and remove the others from your home before changing your mind. You might still end up moving with a few items you don’t really need anymore, but at least the clutter will be a great deal less.

Label, and then label some more

The advantage of starting your packing early is that you should have plenty of time to complete the job without rushing too much. Use this time wisely and label your boxes – but don’t just label them with the room they are for. Give a brief description of the contents as well, as this can simplify things when you get to your new home. If you have a number of boxes marked ‘bedroom’ you might have to open them all to find the one you want. If you label the contents it makes it much easier to find exactly what you need straight away and it also makes it easier to prioritize which boxes you open first. Only label boxes “Miscellaneous” if you absolutely have to, otherwise you will have plenty of random boxes and no idea what is in each.

One room at a time

Pack one room at a time – complete the room fully and then move on to the next. If you have a room you don’t use very often start with that one and then stack the boxes at one side of the room. As you move through the rooms you use on a daily basis move the boxes to this stack to avoid them being in the way.

Important items

Don’t pack any important items such as paperwork or valuable items like jewelry into the boxes you will be having transported to your destination. Keep these items to one side and pack them in your car, or if necessary, entrust them to a friend until after the move is complete. The same goes for any fragile items, so consider packing these in your own vehicle.

Essentials box

Pack an easily identifiable box of the essentials; these are the things you will want to unpack first, and include items like towels, soap, toilet paper, cups, food and drinks. You may also want to include a notepad and a couple of pens in there to jot things down as you unpack.

We also have a few moving tips to help things go as smoothly as possible on the big day.

Moving day

Make sure you are up and ready well in advance of your moving truck arrival, as there are bound to be plenty of last minute things to do and to pack.

If you have children or pets, arrange for a family member or friend to take them for the day. Moving can be very stressful for everyone especially children and animals, not to mention the stress of keeping tabs on everyone and their safety.

Moving out of a home that you have made memories in is not always easy, and you may feel a little melancholy about the whole thing but look on your move as an opportunity to make new memories and new friends and you’re sure to feel happier.

Be prepared

Be realistic on the big moving day.  You will not be able to unpack everything once you reach your new home, and living out of boxes for a few days is doable. It took time to pack, so it will take time to unpack as well. Stay hydrated and wear comfortable clothing as you are going to be busy and you might get rather dusty as you move boxes and furniture around.

It’s a good idea to have basic cleaning supplies on hand as well. Give your old house a quick clean as you empty each room, and be prepared to do the same when you get to your new property.

Most of all, remember that the stress of moving is temporary. Soon your belongings will be unpacked and you will be able to really enjoy your new home.


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