Privacy Policy

Public Notice

Thank you for your interest in our app. New Resident Services is very pleased to inform you that our moving app information is kept private. The use of our App is free to you, the general public, and will assist you in your residential move whether local or out-of-state, anywhere in the USA.

Information provided to New Resident Services will not be used or shared with any other source. Information that is needed for the app to perform it’s operational functions is not used for any other purpose. Your email and phone number remain confidential and are removed once the you have uninstalled the moving app with checklist.

With use of the app by a provided link, you may elect (by your own choice) to share certain information. Such cases may include moving resources, local, state or federal government, a provider of an advertised product or a service used for your move. In the app’s design, New Resident Services does not see, receive, monitor or retain any of your data.

This public notice disclaimer assures you that your private information remains secure and for short term retention while the app is being used. We invite you to email Dusty or Vince at with any questions.

Thanks again for considering our moving app with moving checklist!